Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods: The Major Street EHON Study in Toronto

The Major Street EHON Study is a key component of Toronto’s Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods (EHON) initiative. This study focuses on permitting gentle density, also known as missing middle housing, on major streets within low-rise neighbourhoods across the city. The goal is to increase housing options while maintaining the character of existing neighbourhoods.

Summary of the Major Street EHON Study

The Major Street EHON Study proposes to allow the gentle intensification of residential units in areas designated as Neighbourhoods by the Official Plan. This includes properties along major streets identified on Map 3 of the Official Plan. By permitting low-rise residential developments, the study seeks to provide more housing options to meet the needs of Toronto’s growing population.

Understanding Major Streets in Toronto

Major streets in Toronto refer to essential transportation corridors that support surface transit, shipping, and delivery routes. They provide crucial connectivity across the city. To better understand the role of major streets in Toronto, you can view the city’s detailed map and an informative video on this topic.

Guiding Principles

The Major Street EHON Study is guided by four core principles:

  1. Equitable access to housing
  2. Equitable access to community
  3. Sustainability and environment
  4. Equitable participation in redevelopment

These principles have shaped the research and review processes in several ways:

Integrating Equity

The Major Street EHON Study aims to increase the creation of diverse housing options in lower-density, ground-related formats. This includes additional units to accommodate people at all stages of life, various household sizes, and income levels. The study supports the goal of expanding housing options across Toronto, making it a more inclusive and accessible city.

How Memar Architects Can Help

Navigating the complexities of the Major Street EHON Study and EHON initiatives can be challenging. Memar Architects can provide expert guidance to help you understand the new housing opportunities available on major streets in Toronto. Whether you are considering retrofitting an existing property or embarking on a new development, our team can assist you every step of the way.

By focusing on these initiatives, Toronto is taking significant steps to address its housing needs. The Major Street EHON Study, with its emphasis on gentle density and equitable access, represents a crucial part of this effort. With the support of professionals like Memar Architects, residents and developers can take full advantage of these new opportunities to create vibrant, sustainable communities.


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