Committee of Adjustment and OMB


The Committee of Adjustment (COA) reviews design proposals and determines whether or not to approve applications. If a reviewed project does not comply with the Zoning Bylaws, clients can submit an application to the COA to be relieved from Zoning Bylaw regulations for specific variances. Neighbours adjacent to the property will then have the opportunity to support or voice concerns about the proposed development. All comments are reviewed in a hearing a few months after the initial application. At the hearing, all parties will have the opportunity to present their comments. At the end of the session, the committee determines whether or not the application is approved. If the committee approves the application, and there are no requests for appeal, the building permit process can continue. However, if anyone submits an appeal, the application will be referred to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). In some cases, OMB decisions are final. Once the OMB approves the application, the client can get building permit issuance and submit drawings for review by the Ontario Building Code. For more information regarding the COA and its process, please visit: For more information regarding the OMB and its process, please visit: